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Design Manager (Design & build)

Prime de cooptation: 2000 MAD

Type de contrat: Employé

Secteur: Accounting, Finance & Audit

Lieu: Grand Casablanca

Client :

Notre partenaire conçoit et réalise des aménagements de bureaux pour le compte de grandes entreprises internationales.

Description :


  • Experience in prototype implementation of commercial retail projects
  • Managing design teams and departments
  • Managing projects
  • Creation of feasibility studies and schematic designs for program requirements of prospective new and remodeled offices and/or stores
  • Ensure conformity of documentation to Brand Standards, and provide direction to resolve individual site conditions or other anomalies
  • Strong attention to details
  • Effectively communicate design concepts/intent thru drawings and verbal/written communication
  • Strong programming and space planning skills
  • High level of design competence and expertise 
  • Knowledge of building codes, standards and building structure
  • Highly proficient in AutoCAD
  • Photoshop skills are a plus
  • Strong organizational skills, and capable of managing multiple projects/deliverables within expected timelines
  • Strong Communication skills to effectively communicate design solutions, describing the vision as well as any programmatic, technical, and/or regulatory constraints that may have an impact them
  • Strong team/collaborative skills
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to apply creativity in implementation and problem solving
  • Demonstrates a strong sense of accountability for projects/deliverables and leverages a strong attention to detail in order to produce consistently and with high-quality
  • Technical knowledge of the design process 
  • Be creative and innovative 
  • Effective supervisory and organizational skills 
  • Be able to lead teams 
  • Be able to motivate self and team members 
  • Be able to resolve issues in a timely manner 
  • Be flexible and dependable 
  • Be able to work in multifaceted working environments 
  • Be able to produce quality projects consistently Bachelor's Degree in Architecture or Interior Design. Prior Supervisory experience preferred. 
  • +7years of experience in offices and/or stores Design with foundation of design and operational standards.
  • +5 years of experience in project management, staff and organizational development, client service management.